‘Gone with the Wind’ – Ecohog Set to launch Ecohog.com

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Dedicated to development and innovation in products, Ecohog apply the same practice in their digital strategy. Given the strength of the Ecohog name within the waste and recycling industry and the natural progression of Ecohog within the industry, the Windshifter is no longer the sole product thus the need for an imminent change in the name and brand.Implementing a staged campaign from 2018, Ecohog introduced the New Brand by archiving the famous ‘Hog’ and ‘Windshifters’ and unveiled the new ‘Ecohog’ Logo, a reflection of the companies expansion and product development since 2013.

Phase 2 of the rebranding campaign, Development of the new Website is now in the Final stages. 2019 will officially replace Ecohogwindshifters.com with Ecohog.com. The new and improved website is fully mobile and easy to navigate creating a user friendly experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Website Pictures

The modernised website provides extensive information and videos on the windshifter, metal separation and bespoke ranges. Ecohog have a busy year ahead with the launch of two exciting new products and unique features within the website will enable customers to easily access product information and identify suitable machines based on application type.

The website will be updated with fresh and new content on a regular basis however as customer focus and service is always at the core of Ecohog if the information required isn’t available or if you have an enquiry that requires consultation get in touch and a technical representative will be on hand to help.

The Ecohog.com website will launch early February, we will keep you updated when the site has gone live!