EH1500-M4T Tracked Windshifter


The Ecohog EH1500-M4T Windshifter facilitates four way material
separation. As well as the light from heavy separation achieved from a
standard windshifter, through two integrated EH-81 Airhog suction fans
additional light and super light fractions can be removed allowing 10mm-
300mm (depending on bulk mass density) separation in four splits.

Key Features

  • Tracked option for ease of transportation and site mobility
  • 4 way split enabling separation and removal of super light and light contaminants
  • 10mm – 300mm separation depending on bulk mass density
  • Onboard genset
  • Vibrating Pan Feeder with detachable cover to ensure material doesn’t get airborne
  • Integrated lights conveyor suitable for stockpiling
  • Integrated heavies conveyor
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operational costs

Suitable for

  • Cleaning Compost / Compost Oversize
  • Construction and Demolition waste (C&D)
  • Construction and Industrial waste (C&I)
  • Trommel fines
  • MRF Glass clean up
  • Wood waste
  • Green waste