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Ecohog Windshifter a step ahead of the Picking Station

On 20 Nov, 2013 By With 0 Comments

Ecohog Windshifter a Movement In Front of the Picking Station Picking stations/ sorting bays have been designed for manual removal of waste where the waste is fed to a sorting platform on a conveyor picking belt.  The picking station/ sorting…


Bio Mass/Compost Separation of Contaminates

On 13 Mar, 2012 By With 0 Comments

Compost & Biomass Separation of Contaminates from the products     Green Waste Composting one of the major problems in most composting facility is the large amount of contaminates in the oversize compost both with light material i.e. film plastics,…


C&D + C&I Separation of Materials from Waste

On 13 Mar, 2012 By With 0 Comments

Despite the introduction of various regulatory and fiscal measures, the volume of non-inert wastes disposed to landfill remains high and with the growing demands from customers for the operators of MRF to recover more non-inert C&D waste materials. Such materials…


MRF Separation of Contaminates from Glass

On 5 Mar, 2012 By With 0 Comments

With the processing of co-mingled recyclables at Materials Recovery Facility The glass product, which is separated, is generally heavily contaminated small items due to the methods of separation within the sorting system such as plastics, paper, packaging etc. The Ecohog…

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