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Ecohog Partner Up With Eriez Europe

On 22 Jun, 2015 By With 0 Comments

Ecohog Ltd is pleased to announce partnership with reputable Eriez Europe for the supply of Eddy Current Separator units which are incorporated in the Ecohog HogMag mobile unit. Like Ecohog, Eriez are renowned for providing quality products on a global…


Landfill Sites – Home to Buried Treasure!

On 27 May, 2015 By With 0 Comments

Recent studies have found that landfill sites are most certainly filled with huge volumes of valuable metals. According to a study carried out by Cranfield University, scientists analysed samples from up to 30 metres deep from four different landfill sites….


Benefits of Using the Ecohog Density Separator

On 21 May, 2015 By With 0 Comments

Ecohog air based density separator units have been designed for the effective separation of high density applications from low density application, thus removing contaminants to ultimately achieve a re-saleable product or avail of lower landfill tax levies. Achieving a higher…


Growing Demand For Recovered Wood Waste in the UK

On 3 Feb, 2015 By With 0 Comments

In the UK alone an estimated 4.5 million tonnes of wood waste is generated annually. The construction and demolition sectors accounts for more than half of this. Increase in landfill charges and the expense of haulage has encouraged wood waste…

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