Welcome to Ecohog Windshifters!

Ecohog are a family owned equipment manufacturer located in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, the capital of engineering. Operating in a global scale we have over 20 years’ experience supplying equipment to the waste and recycling sector. Through extensive market research, research and development and concept design in finding solutions to waste sorting problems we have developed the Ecohog Windshifter and Metal Recovery Ranges some of the most efficient separation technology in today’s market.

Why Ecohog?

The Ecohog Product Range has been designed for both mobile and static installations incorporating low energy consumption, low noise levels, and low dust emissions whilst meeting the latest law regulations and promoting the environment at a more affordable price. We pride ourselves, that using our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, each Ecohog unit is custom tailored to accommodate the customer’s specific needs and process requirements.

If Landfill costs and labour costs are eating into your profits then contact Ecohog today and find out how we can help put your profits into your pocket!

Our Misson is simple

Ecohog are Hungry for Waste, helping the Recycling world through customer focused, cost effective technology.