Welcome to Ecohog Windshifters!

Ecohog are a family owned engineering company located in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, the capital of engineering. Operating in a global scale we have over 20 years experience supplying equipment to the waste and recycling sector. Through extensive market research, research and development and concept design in finding solutions to waste sorting problems we have developed the Ecohog Windshifter, the most efficient air separation technology in today’s market.

Why Ecohog?

Each and every Ecohog is tailor-made at the design stage to suit the individual needs of our customers. We promise to liaise closely with you to ensure your Ecohog is the solution to your waste sorting problems.

If Landfill costs and labour costs are eating into your profits then contact Ecohog today and find out how we can help put your profits into your pocket!


Proven “Durable” Technology

Ecohog units are used in day to day operations in some of the toughest industries. From Fly Ash, to Frag Waste, Trommel Fines to Auto Shred...You will not find a more versatile, practical and economical solution on the market today.

Quality Equipment

Before any Ecohog unit leaves the factory it is vigorously tested to ensure the highest level of performance can be achieved once the unit is installed on site. We base our reputation on a high level of craftsmanship , ensuring that every detail of the machine passes our 75 checkpoint system.

Technical Assessment

We offer a basic sample assessment service that will tell you whether your materials can be segregated in our Windshifting Equipment. Hundred of hours and countless testing of materials has enabled us to provide you with an assurance of separation efficiency in any combination of materials.

Material Analysis

From ASR to MRP to Trommel Fines, we have your solution. Don't understand how to achieve a saleable material? Need assistance in finding a solution?

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